Election District 29 and 30

Election District 29 (part of Soldotna, Sterling, Nikiski and Seward) and District 30 (the City of Kenai from out near Wildwood and down KSH toward Soldotna and along Kalifornsky Beach Road) wll meet tonight at 6 p.m. at Paradisos Resturant in Kenai to get updated on where we are in the election season before the August primary.

This is the place where people can get involved.  We are all interested in, or we talk alot about, how unhappy we are with things in the local, state and national government. Well, this is the place to get involved. First we have to learn about how things work, how each of us fit in and what exactly needs to be done.  After taking advantage of the previous work done by others, it is pretty easy to step into some aspect of help making a change. 

Now there is a cost; however the good thing is – it is not a huge cost and it is not a truly signifcant cost when you compare that cost to the price that was paid to orignally set up the liberties we currently enjoy or the cost paid each year by young men who fight and give their lives for the liberties we are discussing.

So come out and learn some of what is happening.


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