Combined Election Districts 29/30 meeting

Friday evening, June 13, Election Districts 29 and 30 met to discuss the status of campaigns here on the Peninsula and what is happening in the two Election District.   It was a well attended meeting, many issues were discussed and much was resolved particularly around some housekeeping matters like paying some obligation from past meetings, firming up booth appearances in the coming weeks.  We also discussed certain events and activities that will need some volunteer help.  We discussed events currently on the calendar coming up over the next week.

Toward the end of the time together we schedule a time to meet again as the combined districts and we scheduled time to meet to discuss strategy efforts before the Primary. It is evident we will need volunteers to help with many different project.

Would you, or someone you know, that is interested in seeing things change, be interested in helping out with various projects. We will planning to meet again for discussion along these lines on June 22. Please join us or pass on the information to people you think might be interested.


2 thoughts on “Combined Election Districts 29/30 meeting

  1. Thought the next meeting for primary Strategy meeting was on Monday June 23rd at 5:30 in Kenai @ Paradisos?

    Neal DuPerron


    • Neal: It is correct that on Monday, the 23rd of June, we will meet to discuss upcoming strategy. To night June 16, we are going to discuss the KPB assembly agenda. And then on the 10 of July we will get together again as a combined districts to move forward.


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