05/15/17 Update Monday

05/16/17 Tonight’s KPB Assembly agenda discussion included:

1 – property assessment dollar amounts.

2 – an increase in the mill rate of the taxes on those properties;

3 – swapping with a local property owner of parcels of land benefiting both parties;

4 – the construction of a school at Kachmack-Selo and how that would work considering the number of students in the school, the condition of the current school and the current ownership situation;

5 – how to pay for a corridor service area along the Sterling Highway to the Seward  turn off.

The property assessments by KPB has increased the value of property here in the KPB by approximately $425M.

One of the items on the KPB agenda tomorrow night will a request for funds to hire legal staff to assist the KPB assessing department to defend the above mentioned increased assessment.

The possible increase of KPB property taxes by half a mill on those recently assessed properties will certainly generate a lot of money to the KPB. More than likely the sell for the increase in the mill levy in these properties will be the threat of reduced funds from the State of Alaska. It will likely also be outlined by the borough mayor how important it is to be prepared for the shortfall that is sure to come.

At the last KPB assembly meeting, an amendment was made to the budget of the KPB school district. This amendment would reduce the amount of funds from KPB asssembly for the school by amount $1M. This reduction was in light of the consideration that the State of Alaska and the KPB have not finalized their own budgets. Every year it is expected that the State and the KPB will have the details available for finalizing their budgets before the schools brings this budget for funding approval.

 The land swap benefitted the KPB by providing land access to the property and the other party access to the beach.  A equitable swap and to the benefit of both parties.

The construction of a school at Kachemack-Self was discussed for the editification of a guest to our group.  As Wayne Ogle will be traveling to the area on Thursday, we will have more of an idea on that situation at the June 5 meeting.

Stan Welles provided his recently developed idea on paying for the service area corridor along the Sterling Highway.  Stan explained the amount of money expected to be needed for the service area is almost exactly the same as the funds for KPTMC, a non government agency funded by the borough.  Since the funding of NGO is a continual bond of contention, it was considered a valid suggestion. The funding for this project, this service area, is expected to be moved around from Federal PELT (payment in lieu of taxes) funds.  This project has become an issue from the health case task force and is pending until the state legislature finalizes authority to do this.