UPDATE MONDAY – meeting notes JUNE 16

In spite of the threat of an electrical outage, we had a great smallish meeting to review the KPB assembly agenda for tomorrow evening at 6 pm.

The two significant issues that will be voted on tomorrow evening at the KPB assembly meeting are changing the required percentage of supporting public votes from 60% back to 50% of the ballots submitted for raising taxes; and whether to do our assembly voting by mail.

Both of these questions need to be understood and considered by the voters. It was in 2002 that the voters participated in deciding how much percentage of the vote was required to raise taxes. Usually the assembly members wait the required 2 years and a day before they are right back pushing for their own way; like reducing the percentage of votes from 60% back to 51% to raise the amount of taxes.

The second issue is voting by mail. This issue will not be on the ballot, it will be decided by a vote of the assembly members. There will be increased cost to the taxpayer for this change, about $50,000.00. And if the issue of voter fraud comes to mind, it should be noted that the farther the vote from any overseers the greater the chance of voter fraud!!

Now is not the time to be changing voting procedures or the amount of public input in a raise in taxes. There is enough fear and trepidation in the country today without adding to it with these kinds of changes.